Peanut Butter – Poem

The journey was interspersed with the crackling of crackers the gradual emptying of peanut butter. Loved items (a coconut, a disemboweled jar) Dropped into innoficial trashcans [on the floor] with a thump and a lonely shudder While we, laughing at their [forced] departure kept walking, feeling only sorry at not having more to consume suffering... Continue Reading →


Hazy poetry

Those writing moments when the mind is in a blissful haze and lets itself seep into the words like mist as opposed to the precise pen.   Haze There was a society of production functioning by signifiers and desires encouraged to be selfish it is not selfishness as the inherent traitt then there was korean... Continue Reading →


I stub out my cigarette the end detaches itself softly, lies on the ground burn burn by itself slowly, taking its time it could burn for seconds or minutes or years. One tiny spark another tiny spark I look for a pen capture it life burning, sparks catching the air. Look back, blown away. If... Continue Reading →

counting up.

A personal poem loosely modelled on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha's style of poetry:   counting up. Un, deux, trois, quatre                          un – one                               due? No, deux.                                        skip to trois, pick up shells                                                       skip to four, quatre good, we can go live bounce blonde hair, bounce and words - english- bounce with... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On Writing

A collection of writings on... well, writing. 1. So why, actually, do you [want to] write? I think I'm bursting but I don't know with what. Maybe writing is like taking a pen, sticking it into skin and seeing what's inside. 2. She said I need sleep It said, you know what stay up because... Continue Reading →

Hands #2 – Poem

Hands The left one, now, is released and discovers itself revelling in the total immobilisation of the right hand it's not as efficient, it knows that, but.... 'Give me a chance! I'll be better, I will, I swear! Just let me practice, give me time, I am sure that I can be just as much... Continue Reading →

To capture the feeling #1 – Poem

Capture the feeling Is it the same feeling as I've felt so many times before? loneliness, reliance on one person and one person alone to fix that loneliness frustrating feeling that they do not feel to the same extent, that they, strong and independent as they are, walk around and feel fine but I lie... Continue Reading →

Free-Writing exercise: One ….

A free-writing exercise which I heard about, and wrote, when I was studying in Singapore; Ask yourself the questions; what would you do if you only had left; 1 year, then 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute and finally 1 second ? The results of this writing exercise ended up being... Continue Reading →

Anh ơi – poem

Anh ơi! Why you do this to me? Anh ơi! I don't want... Anh ơi? Chị? Older sister, don't make me do this Chị! Where are you? Why am I here? Please get me out of here Mama San I didn't know. You already have so much and.. I won't tell, promise! My skin is... Continue Reading →

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