The life of a teenager is an emotional mess. I know it, and you know it, particularly if you’re presently a teenager yourself. This blog is me telling you about a few of my thoughts, and my rather crazy life, mainly in the french Pyrenees, but also with a few memories form Oregon and the Caribbean muddled in.

Some of this will probably be boring, and some of it melodramatic, because I am after all a teenager, and wouldn’t deserve the title if I didn’t dramatize things from time to time. Most of it will be completely random, because my brain is just as disorganized as my room, which is really saying something. Imagine facts and poems and story ideas and dreams and fears all over, either tossed carelessly on the floor to unearth later, or put on display, or hidden away as well as I can manage, and you have a pretty good idea of what my mind is like.

I guess I’ll start by laying out the basic facts about myself so that you don’t feel too lost, and so that I can go on to talking about whatever I feel like, and whatever is on my mind at that moment. So.. here we go. Enjoy!


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