counting up.

A personal poem loosely modelled on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s style of poetry:


counting up.

Un, deux, trois, quatre

                         un – one

                              due? No, deux.

                                       skip to trois, pick up shells

                                                      skip to four, quatre

good, we can go live

bounce blonde hair, bounce and words – english- bounce with


                        Cambria grosse merde!

C… je m’appelle Cambria                                                   Quoi?

Difficult to pronounce own name                          take on french accent,

                                  quoi dire quoi dire? what to say I should say but what?

Yes, Cambria is so talkative

                                   talkative but can never can never she tries!

she is not so talkative to say no

                        non… non….

                             go on, just a little


les mots ne coulent pas. Ils montent en respiration haletante.

                                                                                           Words don’t  flow.

                                                                           They rise in staggered           breaths

Cambria, quelle jolie nom! Spoken [of] many different ways.

                  Voices – sing sing you should sing but air squeezes through tight vocal cords

Please try to understand!

                But you’re not saying anything.

but.. bu.. jaw clenched, cheek muscles tight


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